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Dwarf Classic

Wild-type Pattern, Normal, Classic, Dwarf


co-dom tiger gene, is a desired gene to add to other combinations of morphs.

Super Tiger

Super Tiger, homozygous form of Tiger


Co-dom Sunfire gene, enhancer gene with beautiful combinations
From $225.00

Sunfire Tiger

Sunfire, Tiger


Platinum co-dom, Platinum retics just keep looking better and better as they grow, beautiful enhancer gene


Tiger, Genetic Stripe
From $600.00

Platinum White Albino

Platinum, Clark Strain White Albino

Platinum Lavender Albino

These bright pastel colored Albinos are created by adding the electrifying, color brightening traits of the Platinum gene and to the Clark Strain Albinos.
From $600.00

Super Motley Platinum Albino

Super Motley, Platinum, Albino

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