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These black or bronze eyed beauties are one of the most exciting  morphs in Reticulated pythons, with chaotic pattern that brings many new traits to the breeding game.  There isn't anything like them in other species, and very little has been done to this exquisit rare mutation in terms of combos.  Anthrax Tigers, and later SuperTigers (called Clowns), proved to be unpredictably diverse in appearance, with no two looking the same.  Since this pattern has now been proven to be remarkably altered in appearance by the presence of other genes (unlike other, very dominate and subtley different pattern mutation combos), it offeres hope for mindblowing new combos that each come out in unpredictable, unique ways.  The Anthrax is breath taking in it's own right when seen in the flesh, and are a gem in any collection.

Anthrax Female
Make all sorts of stunning combinations with the girl! Will make a beautiful pet or amazing breeder!
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