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Ivory (Super Yellowbelly)


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Ivory is the homozygous (super) form of Yellowbelly, making a beautiful white snake with variations of speckling and a blue and yellow dorsal stripe. Adding different genetics such as Pastel or Calico will reduce or fully take away the black speckling making for a more solid white snake, usually keeping the stunning blues and yellows. For those who are interested in breeding, Yellowbelly has the ability to make some of the best looking combos we've seen to date: Puma, Highway, and Freeway combos all need Yellowbelly to be produced. Yellowbelly is allelic with many different genes, including Gravil, Spark, and Asphalt which make the above listed combos. Whether your looking for a great breeder at a killer price, or a beautiful morph Ivory is the way to go ! 

Ivory Male
ID # Ivo001M