SuperDwarf Retics are a rare very small island locality, that exhibit dense patterns and deep coloration.  They have all the intelligence, good looks, and charm that the "mainland" Retics have, but in an incredibly small package.  Pure blood SuperDwarf retics attain adult sizes that are comparable to many Colubrids, and can be kept and bred in widely available caging and rack systems commonly used for much smaller species, such as Ball Pythons.  When crossed into the Mainland varieties, they can be used to scale down the size of popular morphs.  After several generations of selective breeding for size, they offer the chance for anyone to be able to keep this magnificent species, regardless of how much space they have available.

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Super Dwarf Het Albino

50% Kalatoa 12.5% Jampea
From $750.00

Super Dwarf Purple Albino

50% Kalatoa 12.5% Jampea

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