About us

The history of Prehistoric Pets begins in 1988 when an ex-fisherman named Jay Brewer and his wife Becky opened a pet store in Fountain Valley, CA. The store was called Pet Country, and while stocking a variety of pets and pet supplies, the store was one of the first in the area to stock a large supply of reptiles. Pet Country began circulating a nationwide price list and soon adopted the slogan "The Reptile Leaders".In March of 1991, the business had grown to a point where expansion was appropriate (if not necessary). The decision was made to open a second store. This time, though, the store would deal exclusively with reptiles, amphibians, and all their needs. Prehistoric Pets was born.The first "Prehistoric Pets" was opened in Chino, CA.

Many of the animal displays rival those of the best zoos! Plans were now underway to convert Pet Country into a Prehistoric Pets as well. The name on the price lists was changed, and Pet Country began using the new name. In 1992, Pet Country closed to make way for a new, 5000 square foot superstore which had been completed in Fountain Valley with the name "Prehistoric Pets". 



The Prehistoric Pets enterprise has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to the herp market. While originally having a large import business, Prehistoric Pets now focuses mostly on hand selected captive bred animals. We have been among the first to produce many of the animals that are now common in the industry, especially through our work with Reticulated Pythons.